Cameroon Caplami Java Cultivar (SM)

Basic stats:

Coffee origin: Cameroon

Last Roasted on: 2021-12-15 18:14

Cameroon Caplami Java Cultivar (SM):

Importer's Description:

In terms of the cup, the dominant qualities bear resemblance to Indonesian cup character in a way, with some distinct differences too. The dry fragrance from the grounds is chocolatey, a bit earthy (a la Sumatra) and has a molasses sweetness at Full City roast, and a woody spice note at City+. Wet aromas have chocolate, gingerbread, and mild earthiness as well. The sweetness in the cup rides a line between caramel and molasses, with a dense, thick body, and an earthy-woody dimension. There are spicy "cinnamon stick" notes on the nose, and a mild brightness that brings to mind something like powdered orange drink. The finish has a tobacco and aromatic wood suggestion to it, along with a malted grain flavor that adds to the aroma. City roasts are just too darn light for this coffee, and even a light City+ to some degree. I'd shoot for a minimum of 45 seconds to a minute after the end of 1st C, and even continue into 2nd C if you're after a bold, bittersweet cup.

Roasts made with this bean (0.8kg):

  • 321: 385.5g on Wed 12/15/21
  • 317: 385.0g on Fri 12/10/21