Inza Veredas Vecinas

Basic stats:

Coffee origin: Colombia

Last Roasted on: None

Inza Veredas Vecinas:

Importer's Description:

The dry fragrance has more than it's share of brown sugar sweetness all the way up to Full City (and probably beyond), that with a dry fruit and muffin-like smell reminiscent of raisin or blueberry muffin. The wet crust too has a quality that's like baked goods with dried fruit, or even fruit filling, and a sweet honey-wheat scent on the break. City roasts show a persistent sweetness in the hot cup, going from unrefined to pectin sugar flavors as you progress through the cup. A flavor of cooked papaya, and even yam with brown sugar to some extent, comes up as the cup cools. Full City sees an increase in dark chocolate tones as you might expect, and body is near the weight of fruit juice. Wonderful at a wide range of roasts, and for those who desire a Colombian espresso option, expect chocolate syrup and berry tones, viscous mouthfeel, and bittersweetness that endures.